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Radiology & Ultrasound for Dogs and Cat Wilmington, DE

We harness the most effective pet diagnostics technologies to diagnose and treat your pets at Talleyville Veterinary Hospital. Radiology and ultrasound for dogs and cats in Wilmington, DE are two procedures that help us get to the root of what’s causing your pet’s illness, pain, or discomfort.

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Radiology & Ultrasound for Dogs and Cat Wilmington, DERadiology For Pets

We offer the latest in digital x-rays, which allows us to provide an accurate and swift diagnosis. Since we offer digital x-rays in-house, you’ll know the results within minutes, and we’ll send the x-ray images to your email address or you can have the option take the digital file home with you from our office.

Ultrasound For Pets

We use this non-invasive and pain-free method to identify and assess the stage of many life-threatening diseases. Ultrasound is an exceptional modality for evaluating fluid-filled and soft tissue organs such as the bladder, spleen, liver and kidneys.

We can analyze ultrasound images during the scan, making the results available within just minutes after the ultrasound.  Ultrasounds can be performed at our Windcrest and Hockessin locations.

If you were referred to us by another veterinary office to receive an ultrasound at either Windcrest or Hockessin Animal Hospitals,  we can discuss the results with you as well as send or fax the report to the referral veterinarian and contact them to discuss the results.

Additional Pet Diagnostics Procedures

In addition to ultrasound and radiology, we can also execute fine needle aspirates and true-cut biopsies for diagnostic purposes, using either mild or no sedation on your pet.

No matter what kind of testing, examination, or procedure your pet requires, we guarantee they will feel secure, comfortable, and cared for throughout their time with us. Contact us today for a consultation.

We also offer full range of other comprehensive services including pet wellness care, dentistry, sick care, laser surgery, stem cell therapy, and more.

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