Pet Wellness Care in Wilmington: Picture of a chocolate lab puppy sitting in the grass
Pet Wellness Care in Wilmington: Picture of a chocolate lab puppy sitting in the grass

Introducing Everence!

How do you show the love and connection you share with your pet? If you’re like us, you make sure they eat well, get regular checkups, have a comfy bed, get plenty of exercise and good snuggles, and we make them part of the family. In fact, for many of us, the family isn’t complete without our pets.

If you’ve ever wished you could keep a pet with you forever, we might have found the coolest option – Everence. It’s a unique way to carry your pet with you always – either in jewelry or in a tattoo – and makes the bond you share with your pet something you can see, touch, and feel, even when they are gone. Everence helps the healing process for those who have lost a beloved pet, and it also brings joy to those whose pets are by their side every day.

Jewelry by Everence - Keep your pet with you forever!

Meet Patrick Duffy, the local owner of this unique company, who explained that the idea for Everence was inspired by military families and first responders who, all too often, spend long periods of time away from loved ones and pets and wanted to find a way to stay connected. (All products are made in the USA, and military and first responders receive 30% off all purchases.) Our staff loves the products and we are excited to offer Everence to our customers in store and online.

We are excited to be able to offer this to our clients – while supplies last we are offering a free collection kit (a $30 value).  Ask a staff member for information or Click Here to shop Everence online.

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